As with any job, make sure you darken BAT and COC before you fax.

(402) 983-9597 Collection Log, BAT, and COC
(402) 475-3929 Collection Log, BAT, and COC
(877) 329-6767 BAT and COC
(703) 288-7847 COC

If you have a positive breath test, you will do all of the above and also fax:

  • BAT Certificate
  • Drug Certificate
  • Accuracy before test
  • Post Accuracy after the positive
  • Complete Copy of the Test, including collection log

to: (800) 884-5404 AND (817) 352-7505


You must call the Exam One Center if the donor does not provide a urine specimen on the first attempt and before you release the donor after the Breath and Urine Specimen have been collected to close out the job. Their number is: (866) 457-4009.